25th April 2011

The recipients of this month’s GOLD STARS are….drum roll please…



CELIA HAINING & MARK SUMMERS (sorry guys, but you have to share a star…because erm,  this month’s blog was brought to you by the number ‘3’, not ‘4’…)

I recently worked with Mr Jackman on a commercial for Lipton Iced Tea, and he was one of the nicest, most professional actors I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  Plus, the guy can DANCE!  As a matter of fact, Hugh is such a cool, down to earth, respectful  bloke,  I’m beginning to think he might in fact be an alien spy, sent to earth to infiltrate our species and, erm… I digress… Anyhoo, congratulations Hugh, you get a GOLD STAR!

My second GOLD STAR goes to my brother James Bixler of WuWei Designs who kindly helped  put together this website and blog.  THANKS James, you get a GOLD STAR!

Finally my third STAR is shared between CELIA HAINING (a  fantastic film editor and friend, Click Here to check out her work) and my agent, Mark Summers.  Celia and Mark have both kindly put me up in London during my recent period of ‘nomadery’  Plus Celia makes a mean chili and Mark is always happy to do all of the difficult salesmanship stuff that I hate and that’s he’s so good at. Thanks Celia and Mark, you both get  a GOLD STAR!