25th April 2011

I’ve got three people on my under-rated list this week;  NICK FROST, SIMON PEGG & SAM ROCKWELL.

Firstly, Nick and Simon.  Okay, okay, I know… they’re pretty well known in the UK, but I think they deserve to be even more famous since in my view, they are both two of the funniest,  most talented,  and all round nice guys working in the UK film biz.   Aside from Hot Fuzz and  Shaun of the Dead, (which we did together in 2003), check them out in the recent film Paul (http://www.whatispaul.com/).  Plus, I think Nick (and the always excellent Bill Nighy) delivered some of the best bits in Pirate Radio.

Now, on to SAM ROCKWELL, who I’ve always believed to be one of the best and completely UNDER-RATED actors of his generation.  For those of you who saw Moon, you’ll know what I mean.  He was A-MAZING in that,  and in my opinion,  was completely robbed by the Oscars et al.  My guess is he’s often over-looked because he so easily disappears into a role… yet this is surely a sign of a good actor, no?  Anyway, to top it all off, the guy is a super groovy dancer, plus he’s a cool and easygoing dude to work with… Check him out in the film Piccadilly Jim which we did together in 2004.  Anyway, if you are still in any doubt as to the TOTAL AWESOMENESS of MR ROCKWELL,  Click Here to check out his dancing in the audition for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.  SAM… I salute you!