6th June 2011

Okay, did anyone see Beyonce at the Billboard Awards? If so, you were in for a treat, ’cause she was a-maz-ing! Head and shoulders (and possibly torso) above most other pop stars. Her great vocals don’t falter whilst dancing. And when I say dancing….I don’t mean bustin out a few sexy moves….I mean DANCING, and dancing hard!

Plus the SCREENS…THE SCREENS!!! They were at risk of becoming the star of the show and Beyonce inter-acted with the projected images seemlessly…. so BRILLIANT. Of course the idea has been done before, (there’s a link being passed around to prove it) but Bey executed it exceptionally well. She must have put in serious rehearsal time and when it came to her performance, there was a fire in her eyes that is special. You can see IT….that thing Simon Cowell searches for 4 or 5 times a year!! Well done Ms Fierce. To see the show, click HERE

Litza says; “I concur, the queen Bey truly ruleth”