6th January 2015

I think everyone has a tendency to start the New Year reflecting on the previous one. I’m no different, although this time of year never feels new to me.  I prefer celebrating the Chinese New Year as it feels one step closer to spring and the return of the light.   For now, my very brief wrap-up of 2014 is as follows: winter was relatively busy, spring was slow so I spent most of the time germinating new ideas, summer was busy with commercial work and autumn was the most productive period for my own creative work. I completed two new paintings and finished a couple of drafts of a feature length screenplay.

After a wonderful Christmas break, I’m nearly ready to put up my new 2015 show-reel and begin another re-write of my script.  Writers often say that writing is re-writing and I couldn’t agree more.  Obviously, I’ve got to bring home some bacon too, so I’ve got a couple of commercial projects in the pipeline.  I think if you can use your creativity to pay the bills, even if it’s in service to an external client, it’s a win win for an artist.  I hope all of my readers (I think there’s at least one…) had a great 2014 and many thanks for all of your kind words about my work. Watch this space for links to my work and ruminations on life, the universe and everything. If you are interested in assisting or would like creative coaching, please email me via the CONTACT section of the site.


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