5th April 2013

Whew, Autumn passed with barely a whisper, and included many, many night shoots for The World’s End plus a move into a new pad with my fella. My little World’s End soldiers braved the cold and the rain and the hours of walking in unison mighty well. Thank you so much, Mandy L, Mandy M, Jenny Chapman, Anthony Trahearn, Adrian Gas, Matt Harris, et al.

I did a lovely shoot for Vaseline in October, check out the finished adverts HERE and HERE and HERE. Also got a write-up in the New York Times, ahem, well, are you impressed? You should be! Actually, it’s just a blurb about Vaseline and mentions me (plus links to my website) but still, for all you avid NYT advertising section readers….check it out HERE.

Anyway, I’ve just finished re-shoots for both Cuban Fury and World’s End. Both went very well and I’m pleased both of these films are finally in the can (for me anyway….not the editors!). Release dates TBC.

I’m currently working on my novel and a dance film screenplay.


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