24th August 2012

In other news, the Olympics came and went and aside from the ‘Hobbits in the shire’ opening, I very much enjoyed the opening ceremonies. When I could tear myself away from mate spotting, the two stand out moments for me were the tribute to the NHS (take that America!) and a wonderful piece by the brilliant Akram Khan, always a firm favourite of mine.

And in other, OTHER, news:

Tony Nicklinson lost his right to assisted suicide. I am ashamed that we’ve yet to address this issue properly, but I suppose Tony had the last word when, ironically, devastated by his legal defeat, he went ahead and died anyway. Perhaps we have more control over when we go than we think…. I really do believe that it is humane to end someone’s suffering. Extending life for the sake of it without considering quality seems absurd. Hopefully this will shed new light on the subject and lead to further discussions and ultimately a change of law.

Poor Kristen Stewart. You would think the girl murdered and then ate her own baby the way folks have skewered her for her recent indiscretion. Come on, the girl is young, probably a bit terrified of settling down too soon (and rightly so), and wanted a bit of adventure. She’ll learn how to manage relationships and people much better after this, and somehow I think Robert will recover.

Yay, the X Factor, my guiltiest of guilty pleasures, is back! And I defend my penchant for watching this show on the basis that, like the Olympics, it is a national shared experience.


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