14th February 2014

The dance-fight I choreographed for Cuban Fury has been getting rave reviews.  Check out this excerpt from View London:

“…there is one stand-out sequence involving a brilliantly choreographed dance-off in a car park that is worth the price of admission. Similarly, Griffiths gets the tone of the film exactly right, pulling off an enjoyable feel-good atmosphere without resorting to ridiculous clichés or forced sentimentality.

Worth seeing?
Cuban Fury is an entertaining British romcom that ticks all the right feel-good boxes and won’t disappoint if you’re looking for a suitable date movie for Valentine’s Day. Recommended.”

Obviously, I’m super proud of my work on this, as well as of Nick, Chris, Kavan, Rashida, Olivia, Richard Marcel, Susana Montero  and everyone at Big Talk.  It opens today, February 14th, so check it out this weekend.