Litza Bixler Writer

Litza is interested in how and why we tell stories, and how these stories influence the world around us.
Her experience in film, her curiosity about people and a chronic tendency to make things up, has led to a passion for storytelling and screen writing.
Writing samples available upon request.

Blood & Water

TV Series

Status: Pilot Script

Genre: Fantasy / Gothic Horror

Safety In Numbers

Feature Film (115 min)

Status: screenplay complete, producer attached (seeking partners)

Genre: Female Buddy Comedy / Sci-Fi Musical

Semi-Finalist in Screenwriting International's 'Table Read My Screenplay' 2016

Listed In Capitol Film's 'Top 100' 2017

The City of Clouds

Feature Film (105 min)

Status: Early Draft, Producer Attached

Genre: Family / Fantasy Adventure


Short Film (15 min)

Status: Screenplay Complete

Genre: Fantasy Western

Copelia’s Heart

TV Series

Status: Outline

Genre: Sci-Fi