Screen Writer

Litza is a genre writer who writes stories about what happens when worlds collapse – socially, politically, environmentally, or psychologically – with a focus on nuanced female characters.  Litza won a fellowship for her Screenplay The City of Clouds, and her TV Pilot Blood, Water, Dust made the top 10 list for I.S.A. Table Read 2022 and was a finalist for The Women in Film Writer’s Lab.

Writing samples available upon request.

Blood. Water. Dust.

Television Series

Status: spec pilot, pitch doc, look book. Seeking partners.

Genre: Detective / Mexican Gothic Horror

Sheriff Blake wants to save her town. Dusty wants to break a curse. And Bola wants revenge.

In La Roja, drought isn’t the only thing to be afraid of.

LOGLINE: During the heatwave of 1978, a drought-ravaged American town is visited by a water-sucking entity with the horrifying ability to desiccate all it touches. And when the local Sheriff sets out to investigate, she encounters a bi-racial Maya girl (15) who has come to America in search of her father. Together, they must confront a centuries-old curse before the men and the town disintegrate into dust.

Top Ten Horror in  I.S.A. Table Read Austin Genre Competition

Finalist for Writer’s Lab UK (Dirty Films, Cate Blanchett) 2021

Quarter Finalist Blue Cat, Screen Craft 2020

The Pareto Principle

Feature Film (110 min)

Status: spec script, director attached

Genre: Dance Macabre

Music, magic and dance collide in a surreal and kaleidoscopic tale about power, passion & punishment.

LOGLINE: An unlikely friendship between a sexually fluid Brit and a wealthy debutante with hidden powers, turns deadly when they unleash vengeful magic on prom night that causes their classmates to dance themselves to death.

The City of Clouds

Feature Film (104 min)

Status: spec script

Genre: Animation / Fantasy / Adventure

LOGLINE:  After her father disappears during a routine cargo flight, ten-year-old MAY discovers that she can fly. And on her quest to find him, she uncovers a secret about her ancestry and learns that flying isn’t the only surprising thing she can do.

WON: ISA Fellowship, Stowe Story Labs 2020

Semi-Finalist: Screen Craft Animation, New Voices in Animation, Creative Screenwriting Animation

How To Be An Anticapitalist In The 21st Century

Television Documentary Series

Status: Pitch Deck, Video Pitch

Genre: Hybrid, Animation & Live Action

Through engaging animations, quirky dance numbers, in-depth interviews, and round-table discussions, this provocative and entertaining docu-series brings the history and myths of capitalism and its alternatives to life. 

LOGLINE: How to be an Anti-capitalist in the 21st Century” is an engaging new series inspired by the book by American Sociologist Erik Olin Wright, that explores how we can take concrete steps towards a sustainable, post-capitalist future

Copelia’s Heart

Television Series

Status: One Page

Genre: Detective / Sci-Fi

It’s 2036 and everything has a price, including love.

LOGLINE: When a beleaguered London detective discovers the body of a high level cabinet minister in her sister’s bedroom with a controversial substance in his blood, she covers up the crime. But when her sister vanishes, she risks more than her career to uncover the truth about a drug that induces a ‘love’ state that is indistinguishable from the real thing, and the powerful political cartel that profits from it.

The Everything

Feature Film

Status:  Two Page, Story Outline

Genre: Sci-fi Horror / Mindbending

LOGLINE:  A grief stricken physics professor participates in a controversial DMT (N-dimethyltryptamine) study in the hopes of communicating with her recently deceased daughter and husband. But she gets more than she bargains for when her beliefs around consciousness, reality, time and…mushrooms are upended.

Where the River Meets the Sea

Feature Film (adaptation)

Status: First 15 pgs, outline, seeking partners

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Queer

LOGLINE: After a young lesbian shoots herself in the head and her corpse transmutes into gold, she’s ferried to a 'carnivalesque' limbo below the Cajun swamp. In this strange underworld, she must navigate Vodou tricksters, alchemists and her past in order to return to the living world and reverse the magic that’s wreaking havoc on her family.

adapted from the unpublished novel 'Where the River Meets the Sea' by Raven Hinojosa

Safety In Numbers

Feature Film (115 min)

Status: spec script

Genre: Buddy Comedy / Sci-Fi Musical

LOGLINE:  Mayoral candidate ELEANOR GREYSON (30s) hates musicals, then one day – via an interstellar wormhole – she wakes up in one.

Semi-Finalist in Screenwriting International’s ‘Table Read My Screenplay’ 2016

Listed In Capitol Film’s ‘Top 100’ 2017