Screen Writer

Litza is interested in how and why we tell stories, and how these stories influence the world around us. She believes that a good story shows us the world as it is, as well as how it could be. She has always been curious about people and what makes them tick. And she loves building interesting worlds and asking challenging questions.

Litza was recently awarded an I.S.A. fellowship for her Screenplay ‘City of Clouds’ to attend the 2020 Stowe Story Lab. This screenplay was also a quarter-finalist in the ScreenCraft Animation competition, and her screenplays ‘Blood, Water, Dust’ and ‘Safety in Numbers’ have been shortlisted in multiple competitions including Blue Cat, ScreenCraft, Nashville, Capital Films Hot 100 and ISA Table-Read London.

Writing samples available upon request.

The Everything

Feature Film

Status:  In development

Genre: Sci-fi Horror / Mindbending

LOGLINE:  A grief stricken physics professor participates in a controversial DMT (N-dimethyltryptamine) study in the hopes of communicating with her recently deceased daughter. But she gets more than she bargains for when her beliefs around consciousness, reality and the nature of time are upended.

The City of Clouds

Feature Film (104 min)

Status: Seeking partners, shopping

Genre: Animation / Fantasy / Adventure

LOGLINE:  After her father disappears during a routine cargo flight, ten-year-old MAY discovers that she can fly. And on her quest to find him, discovers that flying isn’t the only surprising thing she can do.

WON: ISA Fellowship, Stowe Story Labs 2020

Quarter-Finalist: Screen Craft Animation 2020

Blood, Water, Dust

TV Series

Status: Pilot Script & Pitch Doc

Genre: Detective / Mexican Gothic Horror

Sheriff Blake wants to win an election. Dusty wants to break a curse. And Bola wants revenge.

In La Roja in 1978, drought isn’t the only thing to be afraid of.

LOGLINE:  In 1978, in a town ravaged by dust storms, a dog dies from extreme dehydration. When a strange cake is found near the carcass, SHERIFF JEAN BLAKE (50) is drawn into a world of ancient Maya mythology. And at its center is DUSTY, a bi-racial Maya girl (15) who is haunted by a centuries-old curse.

Safety In Numbers

Feature Film (115 min)

Status: screenplay complete, producer attached (seeking partners)

Genre: Buddy Comedy / Sci-Fi Musical

LOGLINE:  City Manager, GREY BUKOWSKI (30s) hates musicals, then one day – via an interstellar wormhole – he wakes up in one.

Semi-Finalist in Screenwriting International’s ‘Table Read My Screenplay’ 2016

Listed In Capitol Film’s ‘Top 100’ 2017



Short Film (15 min)

Status: Screenplay Complete

Genre: Fantasy Western

LOGLINE: In a world where water is as expensive as oil, a lonely immigrant seeks refuge.

Copelia’s Heart

TV Series

Status: Outline

Genre: Detective / Sci-Fi

It’s 2056 and everything has a price, including love.

LOGLINE: When a beleaguered detective discovers the body of a senator in her sister’s bedroom with a controversial substance in his blood, she covers up the crime. But when her sister vanishes, she risks more than her career to uncover the truth about a drug that induces a ‘love’ state that is indistinguishable from the real thing, and the powerful political cartel that profits from it.