Screen Writer

Litza is interested in how and why we tell stories, and how these stories influence the world around us. She believes that a good story shows us the world as it is, as well as how it could be. She has always been curious about people and what makes them tick. And she loves building interesting worlds and asking challenging questions.

Writing samples available upon request.

Blood & Water

TV Series

Status: Pilot Script

Genre: Detective / Gothic Horror

TAG:  Baca County didn’t have much water to begin with. And its new residents are awfully thirsty.

LOGLINE:  It’s 1978. And in a town ravaged by droughts and dust storms, a dog dies from extreme dehydration. But when a strange cake is found near the carcass, the local sheriff must solve the mystery before the town, and all of its male residents disintegrate into dust

Safety In Numbers

Feature Film (115 min)

Status: screenplay complete, producer attached (seeking partners)

Genre: Female Buddy Comedy / Sci-Fi Musical

Semi-Finalist in Screenwriting International's 'Table Read My Screenplay' 2016

Listed In Capitol Film's 'Top 100' 2017

The City of Clouds

Feature Film (105 min)

Status: Early Draft, Producer Attached

Genre: Family / Action Adventure

SYNOPSIS: When ten year old May discovers that she can fly, she sets off in search of her missing cargo pilot father, whose plane recently disappeared under mysterious circumstances. On the way, she meets Crickshaw, a talking bird and her guide to the City of Clouds. In the city, May discovers that her father, along with the souls of passengers and pilots from other downed planes, are all being held captive by Keokaw, a powerful and evil Queen.  May must evade capture and challenge Keokaw, in order to free the lost souls and bring her father home.


Short Film (15 min)

Status: Screenplay Complete

Genre: Fantasy Western

Logline: In a world where water is as expensive as oil, a lonely alien seeks refuge.

Copelia’s Heart

TV Series

Status: Outline

Genre: Detective / Sci-Fi

TAG:  It’s 2056 and everything has a price, including love.

SYNOPSIS: A beleaguered detective in a bankrupt police department, discovers the body of a senator in her sister’s bedroom, with Eros Soma in his blood; a controversial substance that induces a chemical ‘love’ state that is indistinguishable from the real thing. To protect her sister, she hides the body and covers up the crime.  But when her sister vanishes, she risks more than her career to find her and uncover the truth.