Sci-fi Musical, Female Buddy Comedy

SYNOPSIS:  Small-town City Manager, Greyson Bukowski (27) is losing his bid for re-election. This is no surprise, considering he’s a cynical, curmudgeonly old wolf in a young sheep’s clothing.

To boost his image, Grey’s campaign manager encourages him to publicly support the town’s annual musical. After all, musicals ‘have heart’ and Grey desperately needs to show the voters that he has one. The trouble is, Grey hates musicals. So Grey refuses and instead votes to cancel the show.  But when Grey goes to inform LUCY LOCKWOOD (27) – the town’s musical director – of the cancellation, they are both transported to an alternate musical reality, a kind of ‘musical deliverance’ where the locals communicate everything through song and dance. Of course, Grey is in hell, while Lucy is in heaven.

Impulsive, emotional and irrational, Lucy is the chalk to Grey’s cheese, and a thorn in his side. But they must work together to learn the rules of the world and find a way home.  In the end, Grey’s black and white life is transformed into technicolor when he finally opens his heart and realizes that the cheese doesn’t always have to stand alone.