Fantasy Adventure, Animation

SYNOPSIS:  MAY (10) is obsessed with flight. She can fold an origami airplane quick as a flash, and her favorite bed-time story is a history book about the Wright Brothers. Eager to escape into her imagination whenever the real world becomes too difficult, May’s head, and her heart, are often in the clouds. So when May wakes up in mid-air, she figures she must be dreaming. But when she realizes her ability to fly is real, she sets out in search of her missing father, JOHN (40s), a cargo pilot. On her journey, May meets a talking bird called CRICKSHAW. With Crickshaw’s help, she is transformed inside and out as she makes her way to the magical, floating City of Clouds. There, she discovers the souls of passengers and pilots who have been trapped and forced to work by KEOKAW, the Queen of the city. Unsure whether her father is alive or dead, or whether Crickshaw is friend or foe, May must evade capture and confront Keokaw before she can free the lost souls, rescue her father and find her way home.