19th August 2014

After a rather frenetic summer with 4 jobs all falling in the same time period, I’m happy to use the remainder of August to rest and reflect.

First off, thanks to Mandy M, Matt Harris, and Anthony Trahearn for fantastic assistance.  I couldn’t have done so many jobs at once without their help.  I just completed filming on Legend (about the Kray brothers and starring Tom Hardy). Beautifully written and directed by the fantastic Brian Helgeland, I had a wonderful time on this. I also wanted to give a shout out to the AD department on Legend.  They did such a fantastic job and were super helpful to my department.  Jack Ravenscroft was the first AD. Eagle eyed viewers might spot that we worked together previously on The World’s End.  Thank you AD team!

I also just wrapped up a couple of commercials and edited several screenplays and TV shows currently in development at Dust Baby Films.

August gives me a chance to catch up on my own writing and work.  I am currently taking Jess Hinds‘ ‘Meditative Writing‘ course at the Jacob Krueger Studio and I highly recommend it.

COMING SOON: I will be posting writing, drawing and movement sketches over the next few months to show how a piece of work comes together from improv/sketch stage through to craft, structure, polish and completion.




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