7th December 2017

I just got back from LA where got to see a performed read of my screenplay ‘Safety in Numbers’. The super talented Miles Crawford directed and produced the event and organised a bunch of fantastic actors to read the parts, including the always amazing actor/dancer Reshma Gajjar, who many of you may remember from LA LA LAND’s ‘Another Day of Sun’ number. It was a great way to see how the script could still be improved and to see which jokes landed and which didn’t.

I also had a wonderful night out with my US agent Jim Keith at the World Choreography Awards. It was so inspiring to see such a wonderful array of work from a bunch of super talented choreographers.  I had a fab time hob nobbing with the best, including the fabulous Kristin Mc Quaid – gotta say, I’m loving her work right now.  Now it’s on to rewrites, new paintings and Christmas!


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