23rd June 2017

As with ‘Listen Without Words’ I started this project with a meditation and a blind sketch.

I then did a final sketch. However, it was so soft, it didn’t show very well in a photo. So this is the final sketch with some very fine washes of colour.

The next stage was the drips and the colour for the third eye chakra. I spent ages on another sheet working on potential colour bursts for the centre of the forehead.

But when I started doing them on the forehead – it looked ridiculous. I was so nervous about the colour bursts because I had been really happy with the painting this far. So then I thought, ‘well, I’ll just throw it away and chalk it up to experience’. But before I did that – I literally poured paint over the part of the forehead I disliked and in the end – I kind of liked the result. So this is the final image.