16th April 2012

I just returned from a trip to the Yucatan in Mexico, following an all out, balls to the wall period of work on Speed of Light, and an Orange Advert shoot. Incidentally, the Orange job was passed on to me by the excellent choreographer Supple (from Kryptic Movement) who was also one of my first assistants. Thanks Supple!

I went to Mexico partly as a research trip for a writing project, and partly to spend some quality time with my Ma. Somewhere in the margins of those two stories, I went walkabout through Mayan ruins, and discovered that mosquitoes, chiggers, and a rather industrious little Chijuajua seriously love my feet! I also floated in a sacred cenote as minnows sucked on my toes, came eye to eye with several giant Iguanas and fell down the rabbit hole into my child self whilst eating goats milk candy.

Of course, I returned to the UK with a serious case of ‘Mexico Belly’ and as a result, I am now very intimate with London’s public loos….

After Easter, I flew straight as an arrow back into work, and am just now finishing up a Heineken advert featuring the fabulous Daniel ‘James Bond’ Craig. I’ve also started rehearsals for a hilarious new feature film featuring Rafe Spall and Stephen Merchant, currently being tipped as the new Michael Jackson and Usher. I will be assisted on this by the always fabulous Anthony Trahearn.