10th February 2014

In the past I’ve used CELTX for screen-writing as it is open source and free.  However, these days, the software is super bloated and cumbersome and is basically trying to do too much, so I’ve switched to TRELBY and it’s BRILLIANT.  It is easy, simple, very compatible with Final Draft, and imports from and exports to a huge variety of file types (including Final Draft and PDF).  I also love that it warns you of formatting errors when you go to save and as a result it ‘nudges’ you towards perfection.  LOVE IT.  The folks that developed it are both computer nerds and screen writers (a rare and unusual combo!), so they’ve done a really good job on this software and the main site is very helpful if you run into any problems.  And, of course, it’s free and open!  Download it from here.