3rd January 2012

Well, autumn came and went. I was in the US for a good portion of it, mainly writing, although I had a few social fires to help put out as well.

I’ve been back in the UK for a quiet Christmas with my equal half, the majority of which was spent cooking and playing the new Zelda (verdict? a few of the new controls are confusing, fighting is better, story so far less interesting than TP, but still addictive and entertaining as always).

Now it’s time to put my new toy away and slowly get back into work… So far, I’ve tackled reading two scripts, done my notes, cleared out my email in-box, reconfiged my desktop, and now I’ve finally had a chance to update my blog.

Speed of Light is starting to take shape and I’ve got a couple of promising feature projects in the pipeline. All in all, the new year is looking relatively bright, but only time will tell if this shapes up to be a banner year or a ‘meh’ year.