1st August 2018

I’ve been waiting for feedback on one of my screenplays and decided to get back to working on my creativity deck. I’m hoping I might be able to finish it by the time I die…or perhaps sooner! In order to speed things along, I decided to make the card for the Guide of Logic (LOGOS) entirely digitally. Well, almost entirely digitally. I still did an initial sketch and scanned that in first. Then I finished off the sketch in My Paint. Here it is:

I did a crazy thing with the brain – I wanted it to be transparent, and I added lines to show the signals between dendrites. But I decided it looked to ‘star bursty’ and would probably be more suitable to the intuition card.

Working digitally lends itself to a smoother more deliberate finish, which suited my android character. I thought it would be quicker than painting but it took just as long! If not longer…because I noodled around for ages and constantly hit delete. Sometimes, when you’re painting, you mess up and it becomes a happy accident, or you paint over something, or you start over. This made it so that I never had to start over completely and because it was digital from the start, I didn’t have to scan in the final painting.  I created it on my Yinova drawing monitor using My Paint and GIMP. Here is the finished card.


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