18th October 2011

After a quiet September filled with screen writing and research for Speed of Light, October finds me feeling fit as a fiddle and loving the change of season. In spite of the fact that the sun seems to disappear in an instant (how is it suddenly dark by 5!), I love the Autumn. The layers, the leaves, the lollygagging in cafes as the steam coats the windows….it’s all part of the ‘back to school’ vibe I can never quite shake even though my school days are long behind me. And as the baseball world series moves on to its final 7 game series, I find myself thinking about losing.

The worst thing is when a team loses at home. The winning team bounds triumphantly onto the field in a shower of sweat and champagne, while the losing side wanders through the dugout dejectedly patting each other on the back as their shell shocked fans sit around the stands with hang dog expressions that would make even The Grinch sigh…

Baseball blogger Dave Cameron touches on this HERE. Similarly, I’ve been thinking that it’s important to remember that every time you win, someone else loses. I think this keeps you humble and grateful. So when the Cardinals trounced the Brewers, all credit goes to the lovely Albert Pujols (from the Cardinals) for pointing out that, despite their loss, the Brewers played well. Of course everybody wants to win, but the reality is, everybody doesn’t. So this one’s for the losers. May you learn something new from each try and come back a winner the next time!


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