3rd July 2015

I recently completed a new painting.  Again working with acrylic on water colour paper using layers of very thin washes. I was mainly interested in experimenting with transparent fabric (hence the tutu around her neck) and skin. I think the washes were too thin in my previous painting. This time I used a water dropper to precisely measure the amount of water I used. Once I found a formula I was happy with, I stuck to it.  Incidentally, for those of you that are curious…this painting took fourty-two hours to complete. So essentially a standard work week.  This included the initial sketches (I did three or four), an initial painting which I screwed up by dragging my sleeve through the paint and onto the painting (doh), the measuring and mixing of the paint, and finally the actual painting itself. I don’t tend to paint for longer than six-eight hours in one go. And sometimes, I’ll only work for two or three.

If you like my work, I can produce fine-art quality prints of all of the paintings on my site and I am available for commissions.  Just get in touch through the CONTACT page.


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