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Do you struggle with CREATIVE BLOCKS such as procrastination, feeling overwhelmed, or resistance?

Do you FEEL STUCK in a life that is no longer meaningful for you?

Do you have an IDEA for a creative PROJECT or HOBBY but don’t know WHERE, WHEN or HOW to begin?

Are you a CREATIVE PERSON that wants to bring more FOCUS and CLARITY to your creative PROCESS?

If so, CREATIVE COACHING is for you!

CREATIVITY is a quintessentially human skill that is absolutely essential for success in any field. It is also an integral part of a three-dimensional life; a life that is engaged, emotionally expressive, meaningful and challenging.

We have progressed from a society of farmers to a society of factory workers to a society of knowledge workers. And now we’re progressing yet again – to a society of creators and empathizers, of pattern recognizers and meaning makers.” Daniel H. Pink; A Whole New Mind

In this new world of rapid technological advancements, creativity is the surfboard that allows you to ride the waves of change.

Whether your goal is to build a successful creative business, to generate new creative habits, to boost your creative practice, or to bring more creativity into daily life; creative coaching can help you achieve it.


LITZA is a creative expert and a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach with additional training in counseling and hypnotherapy. She has built her life around creativity and wants to empower others to turbo-charge their own creative lives.


INTERESTED?  Email coaching@litzabixler.com with the word ‘curious’ in the subject heading.


Kaizen-Muse Creative Coaching utilizes small gentle steps to build new creative habits and generate change. Through the creative coaching process, the client discovers and breaks through any creative blocks that are getting in their way – one small step at a time. Kaizen-Muse is a program that has succeeded since 1997 using dynamic listening, empathy, small steps, momentum experiences and questions to empower, inspire and maximize creativity through a solution focused dialogue between coach and client.


Litza offers a variety of coaching packages, including an introductory remote session via telephone or Skype, group workshops, talks and individual sessions (both remote and in person depending on location).

For a full package list, please email  coaching@litzabixler.com with the word ‘packages’ in the subject heading.

Litza Bixler Choreography Screen Writing Filmmaker

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