18th January 2022

Last year I worked with a group of 25 students from film, art, dance, and literature at the University of Wisconsin. I taught a  course on creativity and collaboration and during the second half of the course, we collaborated on a multi-media exhibit. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the students were unable to show their work to the public, so we created a film version at the end of last year to give the piece an extended life.  The film will be screened at the Wisconsin Film Festival in spring 2022.

The piece examines the movement of people across borders and boundaries. And explores what it means to be ‘from’ a particular place or country. We all move – literally, metaphorically and culturally. So what are we really getting at when we ask someone “where are you from?”

I’m so proud of the work the students did on this piece. In addition to collaborating with each other, the students also worked with several fantastic guest artists on the piece, including: Aaron Granat (camera), Timothy Russell (sound) and Sean de Sparengo (lighting, concept).