5th September 2019

My Birthday falls at the end of summer, so Autumn always feels like the new year to me. As a consequence, I often take a week or so to reflect on the past year. 2019 was a year for me to really focus on my own work. I took a pause from commercial choreography in order to re-discover and develop my creative voice. When you are a creative ‘gun for hire’ it’s easy to lose your voice – or to have it drowned out by the voices of others. You are there to help another person achieve their vision, or you are using your creativity to help sell a product.

I’ve always worked. I never took a gap year. I worked full time during both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. So, I decided to take a creative sabbatical. And boy was it productive! I completed my creativity deck, designed a website for my workshops / coaching, I wrote a children’s action adventure film, and two episodes for a gothic horror TV series I’m developing. I also wrote a children’s story and secured the the development rights for a non-fiction book to develop into a docu-series. In terms of my own creative work, this has been one of my most productive years.

It’s also been completely unnerving. Since all of this work is in the early stages and has yet to generate any hard income. This is a balancing act all creatives must perform, and it]s common for creative professionals to have many balls in the air.

As I move forward through my creative journey, I’m glad I faced my fears around finances, scarcity, and my place in the world, in order to reconnect with my values, my sense of self, and my voice.

So, bring on 2020. I’m awake, I’m open and I’m ready to sing.