I am a choreographer, filmmaker, artist and writer who has produced work on stage, on screen, in galleries and up mountains. I have an extensive background in dance theatre and British / European contemporary dance, and I’ve directed and produced numerous films and dance theatre pieces. I am currently producing two politically inspired factual entertainment series and shopping several screenplays. My writing focuses on what happens when worlds collapse – socially, politically, environmentally, and psychologically.

Regardless of form, the transforming body is at the centre of my work. Bodies travel through wormholes and across desolate landscapes; they fly above floating cities and fall through crumbling rooms; they dance into musical alternate realities and time-travel via fractals; they drown in oceans and they disintegrate into dust. Bodies are broken and rebuilt, deconstructed and reconstructed, trapped and set free. And at the heart of every character, whether written or devised, is a body that moves. Sometimes with others, sometimes alone. Sometimes frenetic and sometimes graceful. These are bodies that vibrate, even when still.  Bodies that speak, even when silent. And bodies that listen without words.

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